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  • Thickness Gauges

    Non contact measurement
  • Die Bolt heating control

    Controlled cross direction profile
  • High speed scanning – 250 mm/sec

    Gauges for Film and Sheet Extrusion, PVC and Rubber Calendaring, Non woven and Textiles, Coating and Lamination
  • Coating Knife / Blade control

    Improves production quality
  • Roll Bending control

    Improvises Basis weight and Thickness

QCS for Plastics, Nonwovens and Textiles

Thickness Gauges (BRT3000/XRT3000)

BRT3000(Beta)/XRT3000(X-ray) Gauges are designed for Online measurement and control of Thickness, GSM and Coatings in Flexible Web industry, such as

  • Film and Sheet Extrusion
  • PVC and Rubber Calendaring
  • Non-woven and Textiles
  • Coating and Lamination

Online measurement systems continuously monitor the deviations from the preset Target values and apply immediate corrections to the production process which in turn improve the quality parameters such as Basis weight and Thickness. Measurement results are evaluated and displayed graphically on the monitor and documented by hard copy. Hundreds of systems installed worldwide are evidence of the market acceptance and capability of our BRT3000/XRT3000 Gauges.


  • Non-contact measurement
  • Large size color TFT display suitable for harsh industrial environment
  • High speed scanning up to 250 mm per Second
  • Air gap temperature compensation for measurement on hot webs
  • Automatic calibration after predefined interval for measurement stability
  • Automatic edge-detection of the web for accurate profile mapping
  • Touch Screen Controls for ease of use
  • Highly precise (optionally pressurized) O-frame free from deflection and misalignment
  • Comprehensive Production Reports

Design and Construction

The sensor is designed on a large volume pressurized ionization chamber coupled with a highly stable electrometer amplifier. The scanner is built on rugged steel structure free from deflection and misalignment to ensure precise sensor positioning. All linear motion system components are CNC machined to precise alignment for long service life. The frame is an enclosed construction to shield all mechanical and electronic components from ingress of dust and corrosion. The scanner is linked with the operator station through a high speed serial link. The operator station has a PC (Personal Computer) architecture with industry-standard hardware and software which allows for easy upgrades and local support throughout the world. The operation is through touch screen for easy and efficient operator interaction. The standard displays provided are cross-web, machine direction profiles, trends, product recipe and roll reports. SPC charts are available as an option.

Controls Options

  • Machine Direction control through Line speed / Extruder screw speed control
  • Cross Direction control through
    • Die Bolt heating control
    • Roll Bending control
    • Cross Axis control.
    • Roll Gap control
    • Coating Knife/ Blade control

Technical Specifications

The measuring principle is based on the attenuation of Beta/X-ray radiations emitted by a source as it passes through a material. The thickness /basis weight is determined by sensing variations in the energy radiated by the source of known intensity. The measurement is continuous On-line and therefore useful as feedback for automatic control.

BRT 3000 (KR-85)

  • Radioactive Source : Krypton 85, 200mCi
  • Accuracy & Repeatability : ±25% or 0.25 GSM (the greater)
  • Measurement Range : 0-1200 GSM (g / m2).
  • Air Gap : up to 15 mm
  • Operating Temp. : 0-50 degree Celsius.
  • Sampling Time : 10msec

BRT 3000 (SR-90)

  • Radioactive Source : Strontium 90, 50mCi
  • Accuracy & Repeatability : ±25% or 0.5 GSM (the greater)
  • Measurement Range : 0-5000 GSM (g / m2).
  • Air Gap : up to 25 mm
  • Operating Temp. : 0-50 degree Celsius.
  • Sampling Time : 10msec

XRT 3000 (X-ray)

  • Source : X-Ray (Selectable energy and power as per application)
  • Accuracy & Repeatability : ±1% or 0.1 GSM (the greater)
  • Measurement Range : 0-10000 GSM (g / m2).
  • Air Gap : up to 25mm
  • Operating Temp. : 0-50 degree Celsius.
  • Sampling Time : 10msec

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